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December 20, 2019
Sofia Rangus

If you’ve never experienced having a cougar before, you may have unrealistic expectations. In fact, you may tell yourself that it’s no different from dealing with girls in your age group. They’re still the same women, right? Maybe the only thing that’s different is age, which is not such a big deal.

It’s true that they still have the same need to feel feminine, and it’s also true that you need to be a real man to keep a cougar interested, but the experience can be very different. After all, she probably didn’t always go for men much younger than herself.

She Knows What She Wants

This is the first major point to approaching cougars. Cougars don’t have time for games or playing hard to get when they want to fuck a younger guy. While younger girls want to do nonsense such as pretending that they’re not horny or intentionally taking ages to text you back to be cool, cougars aren’t into that.

A cougar has gone through many of life’s experiences and has managed to separate what makes sense from what doesn’t, and she’s determined to let herself have the pleasure of getting what she really wants.

You could say that a horny cougar is a different variety, and when one is in that hot state where she wants a younger guy to pleasure her in the bedroom, there’s no more appropriate term than “cougar.”

Certainly, you’re aware of what kind of animal a cougar is in the wild. If you’re not, it’s a big, ferocious feline with relations to animals such as lions and tigers, which means that it’s a predator. You’d better believe that a mature woman can be just as aggressive to get what she wants, and guess who’s on the menu?

As she’s so in tune with her desires, she is likely to not shy away from approaching you. While many younger girls don’t do that simply because “a guy should chase,” a cougar is wasting no time and is willing to let you know exactly why she’s there.

You may find yourself taken aback, and you may even think that you’re in a porn scene because of how easy it is, but you can never let her know that you’re surprised. Don’t ever project that “I can’t believe this is happening” attitude or seem as if you’re unsure what to do.

She Doesn’t Care About Your Status

A horny cougar is thinking about getting one thing from a cub, such as yourself. She wants you to take her to the bedroom and remind her what it’s like to feel like a young woman again. She wants you to ride her like only a young guy can, and she isn’t the type to mind if you want to go again as soon as you’re done.

Even when younger women are looking for a hookup, they often choose the man based on what he’s achieved and what he has. A cougar may not go after someone who’s obviously a bum, but she’s more likely to be interested in what you want to do and where you want to go than how much your net worth is.

The thing about cougars is though the sex may be priority number one, they can’t help but care for their boy toys. You may have expected her to be gone after the cougar sex, or you may have expected that she may not say much, but don’t be surprised to find out that she may talk with you quite a bit.

Don’t take that to mean that she’s in love with you or that she’s trying to start a relationship. One of the reasons for a cougar to approach is the fact that your wanting a relationship is unlikely. She wants to fuck as much as you do, but she also acknowledges you as a person.

Aesthetic Effort

Mature women tend to feel like they’re locked in an everlasting battle with age. Therefore, they do whatever they can to consistently fight back. These women must put in more effort to do things such as maintain a sexy figure.

However, they know what horny young men like, and you’d best believe that they put a lot of effort into being just that. Cougars know that men are visual creatures, and she knows she needs to give you something to look at.

These women try to eat well and exercise to keep you wanting them, so feel free to let her know that you’re noticing her hard work.

It’s OK to Want Sex

Sex is the primary reason cougars go after younger men. Don’t feel as if you need to hide your intention when she approaches you. If you try to be fake about it, expect to kiss the opportunity goodbye.

She may be horny as hell, but she’s not stupid. Be frank and maintain control of the situation. She approached you for sex too. The talk is just her way of confirming she made the right choice.

Here’s a video to help you to understand how a cougar’s mind works.

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