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December 20, 2019
Sofia Rangus

The way you approach a mature woman in person or through a mature dating app can determine how far you go with her. Play your cards right and you could be well on your way to having her in your bed. If you play your cards wrong, however, the first conversation may be your last.

So, you see a sexy milf all by herself and you want to say something to her. You want her to notice you because all you can think of is bending her over and having your way with her.

Of course, you can’t do any of that if you don’t talk to her, and even then, she may not give you the time of day if your approach is off.

The approach is all about ice breaking. You need to say something that breaks the barrier of unfamiliarity and gets her attention. One way to achieve this is to use reliable pickup lines.

Before you go out and start spitting nonsense though, remember that this is a milf and not a young girl. While pickup lines range ineffectiveness, a ridiculous one is way more likely to fly with a younger woman than it is with a more mature one. There are a couple of reasons for this:

•The spectrum of what amuses an older woman is different
•They’ve been approached enough to have gotten used to certain things by their age
•Some of them see the use of pickup lines as juvenile
•They are more unforgiving if your delivery is off

Over the top pickup lines are the worst to use with a milf. What you should do is use one that is either mildly funny or very simple. Once you can deliver either with confidence, you’re well on your way to getting into her sweet spot.

Here are some pickup lines that you can try on that hot milf to really make her take notice. There are also brief explanations that cover why they work.

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight, or Do I Need to Walk by Again?

This is a mildly funny line that must be delivered in a specific way to work. When you ask the question, you need to appear as if you’re asking seriously. Once she begins to smile, you can lighten up.

This line communicates two very important things that she needs to know. Are you confident and do you have a sense of humor? These are desirable qualities and by appearing to have them, she begins to wonder about what else you have to offer.

Don’t Frown. You Never Know Who’s Loving Your Smile.

Of course, this one can only be used in a very specific situation, but it is an ideal one. For some reason, when a woman appears to be down, many men decide it’s best to stay away.

It’s true that you may end up causing her anger to be directed at you, but it’s a great chance to strike up a conversation. The more you can cheer her up, the better the result and the longer the conversation can go.

This line shows her that you’re paying enough attention to realize that she’s having a rough time. It also shows her that you’re willing to help her feel better. It’s very likely that you may end up getting a smile from her in response before she answers you.

Now all you need to work on is what comes after because you’re in a prime position to be a major flop just as you’re in a prime position to reel her into your web of desire.

Hey, You Look Friendly, so I Came to Say “hi.”

Again, this one is simple. In fact, you could say that this doesn’t even sound as if it can be called a pickup line. However, you must remember that milfs prefer to not play games. They like to know what you’re about as quickly as possible so they can move on if necessary.

Even if this line is successful at grabbing her attention, you need to follow it up with something that leads to a progressive conversation.

Final Remarks

Many guys have the wrong idea about pickup lines, which is why they tend to use some of the cheesiest and most generic ones in existence. Sometimes, it’s just a lot of impatience talking.

Obviously, what you want is a horny cougar to let you have a party inside her, but you can’t be too weird about it. You may not be able to open with a sexual pickup line but try to use something that makes you stand out without going overboard.

Remember that you’re going for an icebreaker to ease her into the conversation, so you can eventually ease yourself into her. So, just say something to get her talking without being offensive.

Here’s a video that does an even better job of explaining the simplicity of it all.

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