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December 18, 2019
Sofia Rangus

Even though relationships between cougars and cubs are more popular than they have ever been, there is still some level of mystique to such pairings. It’s an achievement almost to date and sleep with a woman who is older than you and mature.

As popular as it is, many people still don’t understand why it happens. The whole time you were coming up through school, you formed intimate relationships with your peers. Even after school ended and you became a young adult, that was still the norm.

So, then the question of “what makes a woman want a younger man?” comes up repeatedly. Make no mistake, these mature women aren’t just dating younger men. They are fucking them too, and from observation, it seems to be a very enjoyable trend.

To answer this question for you, there’s some insight below, which was compiled from the common things that these women tend to say. These kinds of arrangements have a lot of benefits for them, and playing at these benefits can be very advantageous for you.

Getting the Groove Back

As women age, the physical signs start to show. There’s a little grey hair here, some back pain there, a few wrinkles over there, etc. All these things remind them that they’re not so young anymore.

Sometimes, they opt to try to hide these natural phenomena with a host of products that are available on the market, but it doesn’t change how they feel inside every time these visual reminders show up.

Looking old is one thing, but when a woman feels old, it can really take a toll on her. So, can you imagine the “you still got it” feeling that she gets when some young stud is trying his hardest to get with her?

It reminds her of how gorgeous she was back in the day and how desirable she used to be. Feeling like she still has it at her age is a blessing. Don’t be surprised when she wants to bless the lucky guy with some mature sex to prove that she still does have “it.”

No Ulterior Motive

An age-old complaint that women have with men in their age group is the concealment of true motives. Men are famous for pretending to want commitment when they’re just looking for some sex.

The truth is that it works. Women seek commitment, and men know this, so what better way to get under her clothes than to create a false sense of said commitment?

Sex is one of the staples in relationships between cougars and cubs. It’s almost implied by association. There’s no deception because she knows that’s what she’s signing up for. She also knows it helps her enjoyment loads.

There’s no need for a man to create a façade and have ulterior motives when the woman is ready, willing, and able to take him for a ride.

There is one exception to this though. Some men like cougars because they get reminded of their mothers. To each his own, but for obvious reasons, cougars prefer not to end up in these situations.

They Look Young

Older women appreciate the natural young look that younger men have. Women may not be visual creatures in the same way men are, but a little eye candy never killed anyone. At their age, they’re probably dealing with men that don’t look like spring chickens.

They’re seeing hairlines receding, balding, hair growth from the ears and many other things that just aren’t very flattering. This is the reason that it’s so refreshing when a man has a full head of hair that is still black.

Sexual Prowess

Many older women go on about how good younger women are in bed. It stands to reason when you think of how energetic and sexually charged up younger men can be.

Apart from having the natural stamina, there’s still the achievement bit that was discussed above. Getting a cougar is one thing, but letting a mature woman know how the “pipe should be laid” is the real achievement.

These mature women love the fact that the younger guys are so eager to please them, so best believe it’s nothing more than an all you can fuck buffet that’s going down.

Less Baggage

A lot of these arrangements revolve around sex. The less baggage the man has, the easier it is for her to just show up for her dick appointments and be gone when they’re over.

Many of these men are yet to be married and divorced, and they are also sometimes yet to have children. That means no drama with other women and no need to listen to how great his kids are doing in school.

Final Remarks

There are many reasons why mature women are making a hobby of fucking younger men. If you’d like to hear a brief-expression from one such woman, check out this video.

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