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December 17, 2019
Sofia Rangus

In cougar dating, the idea of being with a milf is one of the most prevalent thought patterns that exist. There are numerous reasons for this feeling, but many men want the experience of sleeping with an older woman.

While the thought is an alluring one, making the wrong moves can be your downfall, as it’s not very hard to turn a cougar off. Remember that the sexy cougars you’re eyeing have been around a lot longer than those young girls you’ve chased until now.

Your female peers are yet to gain the wisdom and experience that cougars have had in their lifetime. That experience is very advantageous to you if you play your cards right though, as cougars know how to rock your world in the bedroom. Be careful, or you may just fall in love even though you didn’t intend to.

While your age doesn’t matter if you’re doing the right things, who qualifies as a cougar to you is subjective. If you’re a teenager with raging hormones, a 27-year-old is cougar material. If you’re in your early 20s though, you may be after a woman in her late 30s, her 40s, or even her 50s.

The point is a cougar is typically older than you are by a significant number of years, and you already know this. If you didn’t, why are you here studying up to get her in your bed?

Youthful Exuberance

One of the biggest mistakes that men make with cougars is that they try to close the generation gap. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If she’s a certain age, then she’s presumably into a certain set of things. She also probably prefers the company and attitude of her peers, as opposed to someone she could rightfully call a kid.

You see, while it sounds like a practical assumption, you’re very wrong for believing it. If you do, don’t be surprised if you never see the panties of any cougar outside of your alone time with your favorite porn site.

Here’s the deal. If a cougar wanted a guy to “act her age,” what’s the point of getting involved with someone that falls well below that age range? It does sound quite dumb, doesn’t it?

Do you go to a hardware store looking for a burger? Why would you? If you want a burger, then just head to a fast food joint that sells them. It’s the same concept with these older ladies. They’re looking at younger guys because they are interested in younger guys.

The female gender is known for being the more graceful and beautiful of the two. As you know, women put a great deal of effort into looking and feeling good. They’re also prone to feeling “old” way earlier than they should, and older men don’t really help at all.

During her younger days, she probably partied like there was no tomorrow, and she lived a genuinely exciting life. Now, her nights are relegated to dinner and a movie.

You need to remind her what it was like when she was having fun in her glory days. Once you’re not crossing the line of immaturity, your youthful and fun outlook on life gives her the kind of energy she’s looking for. It can also mean there’s a lot of steamy cougar sex in your future.

Sexual Prowess

Speaking of cougar sex, this is a big one that you should always take advantage of. Now, there are some older guys that can still go, but younger men are usually able to provide more energetic, more frequent, and longer sex sessions.

There’s nothing to this but simple biology. Again, this helps her to feel young when a guy makes her cum to pieces and is ready for more. Don’t underestimate the power of youth in this regard and let her have the time of her life in the bedroom.


A woman wants to feel like a natural woman. They enjoy feeling feminine and safe. Just because she’s a bit older than the girls who openly let you know this, doesn’t think it means that she doesn’t still crave that feeling.

As a young man, you’re more likely to have a strong, sturdy frame, which gives her a visual indication of your masculinity. Be respectful to her, but you must ensure that she never forgets who the man is in the arrangement.

If you nail the masculinity bit, you may have to surgically remove her when she doesn’t want to stop being all over you. Or is that what you wanted all along?

Final Remarks

So, you were given a few tips on what you can do to bed that cougar. As you can see, all these tips fit into the same idea that a cougar wants a man who makes her feel young and feminine.

If you don’t believe it, why not check out this video?

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