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December 15, 2019
Sofia Rangus

Cougar relationships have been a thing for a very long time, and there are several reasons for the trend of milf dating, which include:

•Older women want longer, more frequent sex, which is easier on the biology of younger males than it is for older ones.
•As a woman grows older, she begins to mentally feel as if she is out of touch and less desirable. When a younger man desires her, she feels more attractive.
•The youthful energy is a natural attraction for older women. If the guy isn’t plain immature, she craves his youthful exuberance.
•Younger men are less likely to have divorce and child-related drama.
•Cougars want to be able to sleep with a man and move on without having strings attached. Younger men also desire this kind of relationship.

Due to these factors, many older women are on the prowl for young cubs, and they have successfully reeled them in for decades. This isn’t just a fact for normal women though, as there are several celebrities who are famous for their cougar tendencies.

These women on the big screen also can’t help to bare it all for men who are many years their juniors. Of course, when you’re a celebrity, there’s not much you can do to escape the eyes of prying fans who want to know your every move.

Therefore, these stars have been associated with cougar behavior in the public eye. Here’s a list of the top five hottest cougar celebrities.

Number Five – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was many things before she ever got associated with the cougar stereotype. Several generations of men were captivated with her gorgeous looks, as well as her marvelous voice.

Her stage performances and some of her top tracks make her a legend in the music world. However, you can’t look that good and not expect to be the desire of many young men around the world.

Even as she aged, she retained (and continues to retain) that sexy cougar aesthetic she’s had for years.

While she’s known for making her musical notes very high, she seems to prefer the ages of her lovers to be lower. While they are no longer married, she was the wife of Nick Cannon at one point.

Mariah was 11 years old when Nick was just born. Let that one sink in for a moment. Before that marriage, she was dating a male model who was six years her junior at the time.

Number Four – Vivica A. Fox

This hot milf has been on the acting scene for quite some time in some true fan-favorite movies. Even as she got older, she managed to retain her beauty and really embodied the statement “black doesn’t crack.”

She is one of those cougars that has no qualms about her desires, nor does she care much for the opinions of others on them. It’s no surprise then that she developed and embraced the reputation of desiring the younger guys in Hollywood.

While her most popular pairing was that which she had with 50 Cent, it is the engagement to Omar White that really takes the cake.

When she dated 50 Cent, it is true that he was 11 years her junior. However, Omar White was 28 years old when he was engaged to Fox, who was in her late 40s.

Number Three – Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has always had an unexplainably cute charm, regardless of her age. She doesn’t have that girl next door vibe, but there’s something about her that just makes her very desirable.

It’s not surprising that she managed to get the nickname “America’s sweetheart.” This hot milf loves to go for the younger guys though, as she proved on three separate occasions.

She was five years older than Jesse James when she was involved with him. That is much less imposing than the 12-year and 16-year age gaps between herself and Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan Gosling respectively.

Number Two – Cameron Diaz

No matter how old this woman gets, looking into her eyes is a hypnotic experience. Fair is fair, and it must be said that Diaz isn’t a complete cougar as she has dated within her age bracket. Names such as Jared Leto come to mind in this regard.

However, she has displayed an affinity for some of the younger Hollywood stars, such as Tyrese Gibson and Justin Timberlake. There was a seven-year age gap between Diaz and Gibson, and there was a nine-year age gap between Diaz and Timberlake.

Number One – Madonna

Is this one even a surprise? Madonna gets the top spot for two reasons. Not only has she demonstrated tremendous cougar potential, but she manages to stay remarkably attractive, given her age.

The age gaps in Madonna’s relationships are almost record-setting. Her most notable was with 25-year-old Brahim Zaibat, as there was a 30-year age difference!

Do you want to see more?

Check out this video ranking of 10 top celebrity cougars.

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