The Cougar and Cub Relationship

December 20, 2019

Using a cougar dating app to get mature sex is one of the most thrilling experiences for any younger male. Hooking up with any girl is bound to be lots of fun, but an older woman brings a level of experience to the table that your peers simply can’t.

Younger girls simply haven’t been around long enough yet, and many of them are still learning what they want. Also, those girls are at a stage in their life when the promise of commitment is way more important than a sexual relationship.

A mature woman has had the commitment. She’s had the heartbreaks and the adventures. What she is having now is an intense need for sex and the touch of a strapping young man.

Older men aren’t as good at satisfying the sexual desires of a cougar. Such men have enough experience to know what cougars want, but age prevents being able to provide it.

One thing a cougar hates is feeling old, and younger men provide an escape from that reality. She expects that the youthful energy a man brings is the perfect ingredient to help her feel young again.

Here are some things that the dynamic between a cougar and her cub typically features.

The Experience Factor

It’s hard to talk about a cougar without alluding to the massive experience factor. Just thefact that she’s at a certain age means that she’s had tons of practice. For all you know, she’s probably that girl that used to put out for everyone she even remotely liked.

Whatever the case is, she’s collected a host of valuable experience that she’s willing to put to work for her pleasure and yours. There are many memories she has that come together to create her sexual expertise.

This is the reason that younger men report having some of the best sex ever with the cougars that they encounter. It’s a wild ride, but it’s an unbelievably enjoyable one too.

Remember that these women are acutely aware of their own needs, as well as those of a man. Sex for a horny cougar is a tool to bring both her partner and her to cloud nine, and you’d best believe that she can achieve that objective as many times as she’s desired.

Not even scientists have run as many experiments as cougars, which is another reason or their bedroom expertise. There are books on fetishes, techniques, and positions that cougars had no problem exploring.

Self-pleasure is a thing that a mature woman has also been doing for years, so she knows her most erogenous zones lie. She also has no qualms about letting a younger guy know what he needs to do to pleasure her in these places.

Younger girls can tell when they enjoy something, but they are also discovering what these things are. Imagine having a manual for a woman in the bedroom. This manual tells you everything that you need to be doing, and it really works.

That’s what the cougar experience is like, and it’s the kind of stuff that keeps you coming again in more ways than one.

The Man’s Desires

Every man may get off to a set combination of things in the bedroom. While there are some constants that apply to just about all men, some have more specific tastes.

The time a cougar has spent engaging in various sexual activities, which makes her an encyclopedia of all things in the world of male pleasure.

This is one of the reasons why communication is a big thing for a horny cougar. She needs to know what the man she’s about to sleep with likes.

What does he like to see? What does he like to feel? What does he like to hear? It’s very likely that it’s not her first time dealing with any of his desires and, so she’s ready to grant them all.

Enjoying the Sex

A horny cougar is focused on sex as much as a man is. Younger girls want obligations attached to the sex, which puts pressure on men to meet them.

Many men are not willing to meet these obligations, so they pretend like they are to get the girl to open her legs. Older women want none of those things. That cougar wants to be your sexual playground and nothing more.

It’s probably the only mutual need, which is what makes cougar and cub relationships so fulfilling and easy to deal with on both ends.

Cougars are also aware of the various psychological benefits of sex and what it means to both partners. This means that you don’t have to worry about her using it as a ransom for anything.

They Communicate Well

These women are confident and frank, as they’ve learned to be this way over time. If you’re not hitting it right, expect to hear that you’re not hitting it right. It’s not to be disrespectful. Think of it as simple honesty.

If you want to have better sex with an older woman, this video can help you to do that.


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