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December 20, 2019
Sofia Rangus

So, you’re a young cub on the search for a cougar, right? The allure of that sweet cougar sex got you all excited, and now you’re just dying to meet one. There’s no shortage of cougars for you to satisfy your sexual craving, but you do need to meet one to get things started.

These older women are looking to meet you too, but they can’t if you’re not in the right places. If you’re out hunting deer, that can’t be done by going fishing, right?

So, it stands to reason that if you’re looking for a milf, you need to prowl the more milf friendly locations to improve your chances of success.

The USA has tons of milfs that are just aching for the dick of a strong young man to be inside them, and it’s unfair of you to deny their needs. Here are the top five US cities that are conducive to your finding a sexy milf.

Number Five – Charlotte

One of the advantages that the better dating cities have is the existence of spots that are designed for cubs to hook up with cougars on demand. This makes sense as the two need to be brought together for the bedroom roughhousing to take place.

Dating clubs and bars are very conducive to this kind of linkup, and while Charlotte isn’t swimming in them like some other cities are, they are still present. The good thing about the city is that your successful locale doesn’t have to be a physical one, as that’s not exactly where Charlotte shines.

Charlotte’s forte is its immense dating site presence. Milfs seem to eat these sites up, and if you want to find one to take to bed, 8 Minute Dating is a premier choice.

Your best experiences and the ones that are likely to be the most successful are those that start from sites that encourage quick dates and meetups.

Number Four – San Antonio

Unlike Charlotte, San Antonio is where you’re more likely to find cougars to meet face to face. Of course, it’s a bit easier to break the ice through a computer screen than it is in person.

So, if your icebreaker skills need work, be sure to brush up on them before you approach a cougar. It can be an easier and quicker experience than getting with a younger girl, but it can be much harder if you make the wrong moves.

San Antonio is filled with locations that exist purely for cougars and cubs to communicate and meet. Think of these places as your milf sex havens. Some of the most popular such locations are Gruene Hall, Durty Nelly’s, and the Best Hotel Bar.

Number Three – Los Angeles

Is it any surprise that the most popular city in the USA happens to be one of the top cougar dating spots? If people are so fascinated by the city and hang out there, some of the said people are bound to be mature women looking for some action.

The size of the city is one of its biggest advantages in this regard. There’s simply more space for everyone to hang out, and cougars are one of the subsets of “everyone.”

There are numerous high society clubs and bars in LA that cougars frequent not only to have fun, but also to meet and sleep with willing young cubs.

There are also in-person speed dating options because of all these locations. Cougars are eager to take part, which means that you can meet as many as 10 cougars in a single night. Unless you’re some sort of cyborg, that’s more than you can reasonably sleep with.

Online dating is also an option for you in this regard, but it plays second fiddle to the in-person alternatives just because there are so many.

Number Two – Orlando

Orlando has a reputation as being one of the top cities in the USA for meeting and bedding sexy milfs. Apart from the places that are dedicated to cougar and cub meetings, there are many attractions that cougars like to hang out just to pass time.

If they’re hanging out at those places, guess where you should be? There are parks and art galleries that these women go to for relaxation. They don’t know that you have a totally different idea of what can help them to relax.

Dating sites are also ever-present, and the success rate of using one is surprisingly high.

Number One – Chicago

All the other cities are great for meeting cougars, but Chicago takes the win here. Chicago is a very large city with many locations that specialize in bringing cubs and cougars together.

In fact, cougars ensure that they are frequently at these places whenever they look to grab the interest of a younger man.

The number of high society clubs and bars that are present is alarming, and you should take advantage of the opportunities.

If you want some other places in these cities where you can find cougars, check out this video for recommendations.

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